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Executive Mapping is a powerful business intelligence tool. It provides detailed information on competitor organisations and their structures.

This service is used by clients who wish to obtain detailed information on key personnel operating within their competitors and who also may wish to gain further insight into competitors operating within their market sector.

A typical Executive Mapping and Research Project includes the identification of all relevant individuals, their job title, areas of responsibility and position within the organisation. Once completed, a detailed Identification Report is presented to the client.

We can also make direct contact with those individuals identified as being of interest in order to obtain other client requested information such as current salary and package details, loyalty factors, career history and marketplace overview.

Detailed Response Reports are submitted to the client with an overall summary of the project, highlighting key and dominant factors that emerge from our research together with other information which may be of interest.

This in-depth, high value information can often influence a client’s future strategy and can also form the basis of a specific confidential Search project.


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